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Note: The Airmega is available for purchase, shipping and use only within the U.S. at this time.

The 300S is equipped with Wi-Fi,* so that you can control your Airmega anywhere and at any time through the Airmega mobile app.

With Smart Mode (Auto, Sleep, Eco) and real-time air quality monitoring, you can rest assured you’ll have clean air at all times.

At 1,256 square foot coverage, the 300 model is perfect for small- to medium-sized rooms.

All Airmega models comes with two Pre-filters and two Max2 Filters.

*In order to connect your smartphone to the 300S, your Wi-Fi router should use two frequency bands commonly used for Wi-Fi communication: 2.4 and 5GHz. Many modern routers support both bands. If your dual band router is set to broadcast only 5GHz, please set your router to broadcast both bands or only 2.4GHz. Your Wi-Fi security should be set to one of the following options: Open, WEP, WPA, WPAAES, WPA2AES, WPA2TKIP, WPA2.

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